IISR works with different partners around the world. The main goal of these collaborations is to produce and distribute knowledge from a decolonial perspective.

Decoloniality Europe
Decoloniality Europe is a network of activists organizations that promotes communication, discussion and collaboration around criticising coloniality and working towards decoloniality in Europe. In 2014 IISR coordinated the Decoloniality Europe Conference in Amsterdam.

Decoloniality Europe

Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues
Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues is a non-profit and non-governmental organization promoting research, knowledge-making, education (through seminars, workshops, exhibits, round-tables discussions, publications and video-making) and public policy to invent and work towards non-competitive horizons of life, of socio-economic organization and international relations. The Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues collaborates in the organizing and hosting of four independent summer programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Granada and Mexico City. IISR regularly contributes to the summer schools in Barcelona and Granada.

Global Dialogue

National Foundation Indian Immigration (NSHI)
NSHI focuses on developing and supporting healthy community development activities, inspired by the living values of Surinamese Indian culture as an integral part of the Surinamese society, in close association with other cultures. One important initiative of NSHI has been the set up of the Lalla Rookh Museum. This museum is based on two main pillars. The first one is culture: defining cultural identity and its development. The second one is education: transferring knowledge to the next generation so they understand where the come from and how their community has developed itself in current society. IISR has contributed in developing the content for the Lalla Rookh museum.

Nationale Stichting Hindostaanse Immigratie

Institute for Decolonizing The Mind (DTM)