Beschrijving Hindostaanse gemeenschap in Nederland

Datum: 5 juni 2013
Betreft: Beschrijving Hindostaanse gemeenschap in Nederland

Voor de Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin heeft Sandew Hira een Engelstalige beschrijving gemaakt van de Hindostaanse gemeenschap in Nederland.

“On June 5th, 1868 Baharoen Madoera entered the kingdom of the Netherlands as the first Indian indentured labourer. He came from the Caribbean island of Barbados to Suriname, a former colony of the Netherlands in South America. Five years after the abolition of slavery in the Dutch kingdom the Dutch planters tried to recruit indentured labourers in the Caribbean to replace the slaves. Among them were some Indians from the British colonies in the Caribbean. The efforts to recruit large numbers of workers from the Caribbean failed. The Dutch planters turned to India where they set up a system of recruitment that brought 34.304 labourers to Suriname in the period 1873-1916. The first ship – the Lalla Rookh – arrived on June 5th, 1873. The first person who disembarked from this ship was Boojhawon Gija with his wife Chooramun Bhoodeea. This day is remembered as Immigration day. It is an official holiday in Suriname and a day of remembrance and celebration in the Surinamese-Indian community in Holland.”

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